We're Supporting

Small + Local Business

To our dear friends, family, and fellow small business owners:

As of a short time ago, our sights were set on launching our new company, Two Pines Customs.

We’re beyond excited to bring everyone the opportunity of low to no minimum customized on-demand t-shirt and apparel printing. We’ve been hard at work creating a great experience on our website where you–the user–will be able to design your own t-shirts and apparel.

Although we feel we’re close to being able to officially launch, we’re not quite there yet.

Instead, we’ve decided to launch our new website early to help our fellow small business owners. 

How we’re helping

With many businesses being forced to close down and/or greatly reduce their offerings, many can’t pay their bills, their employees, or even themselves. Unemployment benefits, financial deferments, and other postponements can only go so far to helping small businesses and their teams make it past these hard times.

What can help is allowing your customers to still support you in some way.

Effective immediately, we’re offering our services for any small/local businesses who would like to offer online sales to their customers who can’t visit their shop, restaurant, or establishment during the current health crisis.

What you could offer

T-shirts – any logo or design you want to print on a black or white t-shirt, we will offer for sale on our website on your behalf and only take a small fee to cover the cost of the shirt, shipping supplies, and credit card fees. This means that you’ll receive nearly the entire profit of the sale.

Gift cards/certificates – selling gift cards is a fantastic way to allow your customers to support you without health risk. We can make a page on our website that would allow customers to order your gift cards right online.

Your own merchandise – already have your own merchandise but no way to sell it online or ship it? We can help with that too. Give us what you want us to sell and we’ll post it and ship it for you–it’s that simple.

What’s next?

If you’re a small or local business and think we can help you, send an email to Meg (meg@twopinescustoms.com) or call 603-307-8989. 

You’ll get a unique link just for your business to our website for patrons to purchase your products–i.e. twopinescustoms.com/yourcompany. Most importantly, you don’t owe us any up-front money. All we ask is that you send as many people to your unique page any way you can to give them the opportunity to support your business.

We’ll share your shop’s success and send you money at as regular intervals as we can. Once the crisis is over and you’re able to get back to business as usual, we will remove your products from our website and give you back any products we have left.

Thank you all for the continued support of small businesses everywhere.

Be safe. Stay well.

Meg & Brian Tetrault